Blood with pus? Infection? Hematoma? (Photo)

I got surgery back on july 29th 21 days post there was a small opening my doctor said it was ok to just wash the area and keep it clean then I saw blood and since he was out of the country his assistant saw me prescriber antiinflammatory and antibiotic as well as a healing powder tecassol. Well its been 5 days so i decided to wash the area again since i was instructed to not wet the area and this is the result. Posting before and after pics

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Wound Care

I recommend that you have this wound assessed in person by a Plastic Surgeon.
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Postop drainage

Thanks for your question and for the photos.
Very difficult to give you an answer with the limited photos and history.  The fluid should be cultured (although many times after starting antibiotics the culture is negative).  The area should be kept clean and dry.  You should see a Board certified Plastic surgeon ASAP for evaluation in person.  
Best of luck.
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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question and photographs.  At this stage in your recovery, if your symptoms are persisting and/or getting worse it is important that you be seen immediately by a board certified plastic surgeon or go to the ER. You should have a culture taken of the fluid seeping out of the incision to have it tested for bacteria and infection. 
Best of luck in your recovery!

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I can't tell much from a limited photo.  You would have to be seen in person. Best to follow your surgeon's instructions and be followed closely.

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Infection after breast augmentation?

thank you for the question. If your implant is placed through the areola incision as the picture suggests, I would be concerned with infection involving the implant pocket. Even with your surgeon out of country, his office should have a cross-covering plastic surgeon for your doctor. I strongly suggest that you inform your surgeon's office that you need an evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon ASAP 

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