Is my blepharoplasty incision healing normally? (Photo)

I had asian eyelid surgery and I am 28. It has been exactly 2 weeks . The incision reddens when I wash my face. It was initially also not reacting well to ointments, which I stopped at around 1 week. Stitches were removed on day 7.

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Eyelid Surgery

It is hard to definitively diagnose a problem from a picture and I would recommend seeing an oculo-plastic surgeon which is an ophthalmologist with a concentration in plastic surgery specifically around the eyelids. That being said, it looks to me that you have what is called ectropion.

The healing process of a blepharoplasty takes a full year. The major milestones are at 6 weeks, then 3 months, 6 months and a year. That being said, your incision does seem more raised then it should be. I would suggest considering steroid injections to calm inflammation and try and prevent scar tissue from forming.

In addition, I would suggest stopping the ointments and using any soaps on the face as this can be very irritating the the eyelids and could be causing the irritation. When your eyelids are irritated or you want to wash your face, I would suggest just using cold water.

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Incision healing after Asian eyelid surgery

Given the fact you had a reaction to appointment you're using this could still be considered normal at two weeks. Follow up with your surgeon closely and inquire about a course of oral steroids, taking daily antihistamines, possible steroid injection to the incision site, and any other treatments for surgeon may recommend. Personally in situations like this I don't like for patients to use scar gels or other creams because I feel like if you're takes the skin.  For sure I think you want to be on in a oral antihistamine daily and consider the steroids.

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Bumpiness on incision after Asian blepharoplasty

Sounds (and looks) like you had an allergic reaction to the ointment and I'm glad you've stopped using it. The bumpiness on the incision is quite common during the early healing phase.  If your skin is sensitive, I'd recommend not using anything fancy on the incision other than vaseline.  You'd need to massage the incision gently with a Q tip to help smoothen out the incision and stay out of the sun.  The texture and the redness should improve with time.  Good luck!

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