Lower bleph recovery - Vision affected when looking downwards, loose skin and lower eye line looks exposed and raw? (Photos)

Did my L/B about 3 weeks ago. Still in early recovery but some concern and I wonder if I should be concern. Vision is affected (distorted) when I look downward. example using the computer and keyboard, i need to tilt my head more. Loose skin on lower lid when i smile. Lower eye lash line look expose than before. Depression on the Left eye 'bag' area which create a prominent groove just below eyelid. None on the right as of now. L press on the left, I can feel moving sensation near the eye lid

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Lower blepharoplasty complications, asymmetry, vision impairment, skeltonization

You need to understand that, when fat is removed for treatment of baggy eyelids, this fat is coming from inside the orbit, from the normal fat which help to maintain the eyeball,So the outcome of "good" treatment of bags of the lower lid (always too much), is some degree of skeltonisation in the orbital area and distortion of the vision in the worst cases.In my experience, you need a total reshaping of orbital region (Orbital rim bones, Orbicularis oculii muscle and malar fat pad) with Adipose stem cells as done by the FAMI procedure (in US, Europe or Asia) which will give you back normal younger folds, only by injections.

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Healing after lower lid blepharoplasty

Your symptoms after lower lid transcutaneous blepharoplasty are not unusual. The swelling and firmness of the fat pad area can prevent comfortable vision on downgaze. As this resolves, you will notice the lids are softer to gentle touch, the grooves and lines become less noticeable, downgaze becomes easier. Symmetry improves as the swelling dissipates. Be sure to keep your follow-up appointments with your surgeon. Your surgeon and staff can reassure you and monitor your healing. Looks like you are progressing nicely!

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Early days yet...

Hi there. Greetings from the UK. I'd agree with others that it's still very early days at the moment. You will still have quite a lot of residual postoperative swelling (oedema) within the eyelids causing them to thicken slightly and that changes the malleability of the skin- so patients do get quite odd wrinkles when they smile and on downgaze. Have faith for now and reassess in a couple of months. bw David.

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Did you also have a canthopexy or canthoplasty to stablize the lower eyelids?

You had a transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty.  I do not recommend this approach.  It damages the motor function of the lower eyelid.  To compensate, surgeons often stabilize the lower eyelid with tightening procedures called canthoplasty or canthopexy.  This will make the lower eyelid feel tight and the lower eyelid margin will be stiff.  This can soften over time and will likely be softer over several months.  

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Dear Drizzlemie
Thank you for your question and photos! It is still early after your surgery- there is some visible bruising in your photo.
You will need to wait up to 6 months to see the results.
With Warm RegardsTrevor M Born MD

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