Is this the beginning of being bottomed out? (photo)

Hi, I am 3 weeks post surgery after breast lift and 200 cc over the muscle. Last 2 days I started noticing a line under my left breast .. is this the beginning bottomed out .. or is it too soon to judge and once implant descends it will disappear ? My main worry is it wasn't like this few days ago . Or at least I don't think so ..

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Some skin

It looks like what you are referring to is some skin along the  medial aspect of the breast. As things settle, it is likely to improve.

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Is this Bottoming out?

Thanks for your photo and question. Three weeks post op is fairly early for bottoming out. Based on your photo, it appears your tissue is still settling as is you implant. A mastopexy/augmentation is a complex surgery with many factors involved. I suggest that the lines you see under your breast will settle as your swelling continues to improve. I recommend you meet with your plastic surgeon to discuss scar massage and even specific bras to help you in your healing process. I hope this was helpful! All the best.

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