This began six weeks post op and is getting worse. What is happening? (photos)

There is no crease and it hurts when I wear a bra. My doctor has been seeing me every two weeks and last week said I am rushing recovery and not a double bubble and its due to lack of breast tissue? He claims it will resolve itself within 6-12 months. Is this possible? If not, how soon can it be fixed and will I be able to put in a smaller implants without the same problem? I am very upset as I had a hemotoma in the left breast two weeks after ba and am very concerned about additional surgery.

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Double Bubble


Yes, you appear to have a double bubble. It appears a breast lift would have been beneficial. I would also likely recommend waiting 6 months to see how things settle and consider revision. If the implant shifts lower and the situation worsens, you could consider intervention earlier.

All the best

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What is going on?

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • You are right to be concerned but nothing should be done right away
  • It appears you do have a double bubble on the side with no crease.
  • If your surgeon says it is not, it is reasonable to get a second opinion.
  • Although most revisions are not done for 6 months, it is reasonable tor revise a breast after 3 months if there is a worsening double bubble.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Breast augmentation recovery

I'm sorry you are experiencing this issue. This appears to be a double bubble and that a lift is needed.  You will want to wait at least three months after your surgery date to consider having it fixed.  

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Double bubble after breast augmentation

It is very common to get a double bubble after sub pectoral breast augmentation if done in ptotic (droopy) breasts. If you were my patient I would suggest we wait several month before going in to repair it.  

Mark A. Schusterman, MD
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Double bubble

From the photos it looks like a double bubble . Your pre-op photo suggests a lot for breast dropping or ptosis and I would have been recommending a full breast lift with additional scars plus implant to avoid this

More surgery

it appears you needed more of a lift than what you had performed(maybe you didn't want the scars, IDK). Either way, let this settle for 4-6 months, then you will need it fixed. Best of luck

Nathan Eberle, MD, DDS
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It looks like you might have needed more of a lift than what you have now.  I would allow this to heal and re-evalaute it after about 4-6 months.

Steven Wallach, MD
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This began six weeks PostOp and is getting worse. What is happening?

Thank you for your question and photographs and I am sorry that your current results have not been what you anticipated.  Based on your preoperative photograph you needed a more powerful lift than a periareolar incision to enhance your results.  Unfortunately you will need a revision surgery to correct this current appearance in order to have a second lift performed. This will remove excess breast skin, tightening the envelope around your implant.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Too Much Ptosis For A Periareolar/Donut Breast Lift

Assuming from your photos that you had a breast augmentation with a periareolar/donut breast lift. With the significant amount of ptosis/sagging you had preoperativley, a periareolar lift is not the ideal procedure to provide the amount of lift your breasts needed.  Sometimes well-meaning plastic surgeons perform this procedure to appease a patient who may be more concerned about having a vertical scar (+\- a breast crease scar) than maximizing the final appearance of the breasts. Having a vertical scar scar (+\- a breast crease scar) which gives a well-shaped breast is better than having a poorly-shaped breast with the scar limited to around the areola border. This is the issue you seem to be experiencing in your photos. Less scar is not always better. What your photo appears to show is that your breast tissue is sagging below the breast implant and is not centered on top of your breast implant. Furthermore, with a periareolar lift, scars tend to widen with time because the breast skin is only removed in one dimension. The breasts also tends to look flattened after a periareolar lift due to the one-dimensionality of the procedure. For now, allow the breast implants to settle into their new position for at least six months post surgery. After that time, get an inperson evaluation of where the breast tissue is situated in relation to your breast implants. If necessary, you can then undergo a revision at six months or more down the road. You'll likely need more than a breast lift with just a periareolar incision if you want a better/looking, more long-lasting result. Best of luck!

Millicent Odunze-Geers, MD, MPH
Sacramento Physician
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Cocerns after breast augmentation.

From your photos it looks as though you have had implants and a periareolar lift to tighten your skin. What I believe you are seeing is some residual loose tissues on top of the breast implant. Over time the implant may take on more projection if you are submuscular, and this may fill out more of the tissue. If not, you may require more tightening and adjustment. continue to follow up with your PS.

Best wishes.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
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