Can my belly button be restitched? Revision 2 years post tummy tuck. (photos)

My belly button was revised 2 yrs post tummy tuck with different PS and it seems my BB has rejected the stitches from day one. They all came out the course of 4 days and now all I'm left with is an open wound. I see my ps Wednesday, but can this be closed instead of just left to heal? It's been open now for two weeks and I don't see improvement or infection.

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Wound dehiscence after umbilicoplasty

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There are many reasons that can cause wound separation after surgery. Usually wound is left open if there is infection and antibiotics are used. However, once infection is gone, a secondary wound closure may be considered. That is something that needs to be discussed with your plastic surgeon since he (she) is the only one that has the expertise to evaluate current wound conditions and available options for wound closure. You should follow your PS recommandations. Good luck. 

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Wound healing

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Thanks for the question and the photos.

Sorry you are experiencing such problems.  The wound should be cultured and allowed to heal before trying any revision surgery.  Local wound care should be all that it requires.  Revision should not be attempted for several months after it is completely healed.  You should also ask boht Plastic Surgeons what sutures they used to close the umbilicus so that they are not used may have an allergy/reaction to the sutures themselves.

Best of luck.

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