Can the attachments placed later in the treatment than it was planned?

I just started my treatment few days ago and my dentist told me, that I will have attachments. I can see the place for them on the braces, but they said they will attach it after the 4th set, until that I can get used to the removal of the braces. How important is it to attach it on time? My doctor is on holiday. My top brace does not cover fully my front two teeth, there is a millimeter gap between the gum and the top of the brace. Should this look like this?

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Attachments should be placed when they are scheduled, so if your aligner shows an actual place for the attachment it should have already been placed. If it is not put on at the proper time, the teeth will already have moved, and then when the attachment is placed it will be in the wrong spot on the tooth. You should stop wearing your aligners immediately and have your dentist place the attachments then start wearing aligners again at that time. If he has a problem with this, he should call his Invisalign rep to get clarification. Your results will not turn out correctly if you do not follow every part of the protocol correctly.

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