Asian eyelid surgery to correct multiple folds, treatment for dark circles, Botox to make jaw smaller (Photo)

I have several eyelid folds on each eye that I think make my eyes look sleepy and heavy; I want a single crease on each eye. I also have bad dark circles that I want to correct as well. What kind of procedures should I be looking into? I also want to get botox to make my face smaller and also even it out because one side of my jaw is larger than the other. Is botox the right treatment for me?

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Asian eyelid surgery to create a single fold

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Asian eyelid surgery to create a single fold Your issue is very common. In particular multiple or asymmetric island folds accounts for approximately 25% of my Asian eyelid surgery procedures.   And your particular case you want to create an eyelid crease that is natural. You will require an anchoring technique via and incision. Using the Botox for your jaw usually works well as long as you don't have too much fat or soft tissue of the face. If you inject Botox into the jaw with the face is very full sometimes it can actually make you look older.    You simply need a physical exam to answer all your questions best. 
Chase Lay MD Asian eyelid surgery specialist 

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelid Folds, Dark Circles, Botox for Masseter Muscle

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Excision of a conservative amount of skin with fixation of the eyelid crease should correct this issue.
Botox to the jaw muscle works nicely to correct asymmetric muscles.
Dark circles may be improved with a filler and skin bleachers.
Please use this information when consulting in person with an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon.

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Be careful of how to treat these problems.

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It seems that your eyelid folds in different ways, depending on time of day and whether or not your eyes are fully open, and this may help decide if you want to have an Asian blepharoplasty.  An in person evaluation is needed to help guide you on making this decision.  Sometimes, the eyelids may not look as good after a blepharoplasty so you should be very careful in making this decision.

As for the dark circles under the eyes, this would also require an examination of the lower eyelids and cheeks.  In most instances, I think that injecting the tear trough injection is not a good idea. Most of the time, improving cheek volume with Sculptra may be the right choice. 

I would advise you to see a board certified plastic surgeon, who has experience in treating these problems. Good luck!

Multiple eyelid folds, dark circles and asymmetric jaw

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Hello, thanks for your question and photos.  For the multiple folds, an Asian blepharoplasty could correct that and would give you a crisp single crease on both eyelids.  Dark circles are tricky.  You may benefit from conservative HA filler injection to the tear troughs (my preference is Belotero) and perhaps try using an eye cream that has hydroquinone/kojic acid/ VitK.  As for the jaw asymmetry, Botox to the masseters (jaw muscles) is an option, but it'd be best for you to consult a board certified plastic surgeon for an in-person evaluation.  Good luck!

Goretti Ho Taghva, MD
Mission Viejo Plastic Surgeon
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