Am I a Good Candidate for Revision Rhino to Reduce Size/Length of Nose or Will Another Surgery Only Make Things Worse? (photo)

I am very unhappy with the results of my rhinoplasty. I underwent surgery one year ago for a deviated septum where an osteotomy was performed and it left the bridge between my eyes too high for my liking and not same as I 'm used to. My nose was left too long for my face overall as the deviation went to added length and now inhibits my smile. Also, I unfortunately have moderately thick skin which initially left nose looking like blob on my face and still leaving my tip and nostrils more bulbous.

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Tread slowly - patient and surgeon

Your story of a septoplasty and infracturing is unlikely to affect your tip or lengthen your nose in any way.  One front photo is insufficient to evaluate nasal lengthening.  Therefore, some other surgery was done, which needs elucidation, or your perceptions of what the surgery did to your nose may be in question.  In any event, you should wait at least 18 months before you seek any consultations.  Take a copy of your OP note to your consults, as well as before and after photos in all views.  This will help clarify your previously performed surgery and help you better articulate your concerns to your surgeon.  I would also start by seeing the surgeon who initially performed your rhinoplasty.


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