Am I a candidate for porcelain veneers? Please help! (photos)

My teeth don't show enough when I smile so I want them lengthened to achieve a full smile. A lot of dentists say that how much length can be added to upper teeth depends on your bite. I've added photos of my smile, bite and dream smile. Can you please tell me if this can be achieved or not? I'm scared of going to a cosmetic dentist and facing rejection.Please help!

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Scared of going to a cosmetic dentist ... #DrSarahThompson

It is difficult to tell what your teeth actually look like because your photos did not seem to load properly.  I would recommend reloading your photos, so that we can see what's going on.  If you have short teeth, you may need a gum lift and veneers, which can make your teeth appear longer.  If you are afraid of being rejected by a dentist, you should find one on this site that has great before and after photos of a similar type of patient.  That will tell you whether the dentist you're considering can actually give you the results that you're wanting.  I hope this helps; follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions.

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Diagnostic Models and Evaluation!

Thanks for sending your question. Cosmetic dentistry works hand in hand with function of your teeth. Therefore its important that prior to deciding on the length and size of the teeth the occlusion, or the bite is evaluated to make sure that it can support the new form. Its important to address these issues with proper comprehensive examination. Once done study models can be made from your current teeth and a new proposed model can be made as well in order to help with the design process, which all will help in making the end result more successful. All the best,

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Dream smile

From the pictures that you have posted it appears your problem has more to do with your upper lip than it does with your teeth. To determine the exact problem you really need to post pictures of your full face relaxed, full face smiling normally  and full face smiling your largest smile. One thing to consider is that your lips are shaped nothing like Catherine Zeta- Jones. Upper lip mobility, length and fullness play an important role in the beauty of her smile. I suggest you visit a cosmetic dentist and have a full consultation about what can be achieved in your situation. 

Veneers, bite, oral hygiene

Dear Rebecca: There is no such thing as being a candidate or facing rejection from a cosmetic dentist. I understand your desire to have a beautiful perfect Hollywood smile. Judging by your photos, you could benefit from an increased length of your front teeth.  However, there are two underlying issues which make veneers and inappropriate treatment in your case at this time. The first issue is your oral hygiene.   Since you do not like your smile you  tend to neglect your teeth. This is readily evident in the photos by the heavy amount of plaque that you have on your teeth at the gum line. If you have veneers delivered on your teeth and maintain this level of inadequate oral hygiene, you will quickly see a breakdown at the juncture where the veneers meet your tooth at the gum line. This will lead to rapid recession and decay.  The other reason veneers are in an inappropriate treatment at this time is that your teeth are positioned in a cross bite relationship.  Placing veneers in this position will create adverse forces on them and you will see them pop off after a very short period of time. The right thing to do is to first speak to your dentist about developing a proper oral hygiene regimen. Next, discuss  with your dentist or orthodontist the use of Invisalign Orthodontics to properly realign your teeth and expand your upper Arch to eliminate the cross-bite situation. In addition, the upper teeth can be brought down to widen your smile and to appear longer. Whitening of your teeth is also easy to accomplish using the Invisalign trays. At that point, when your teeth are clean, brighter,  and in the right position, you might not need or want porcelain veneers. they are costly and might not be needed at all.
 If after proper hygiene, whitening, and Orthodontics you are still unhappy with your smile, then veneers will be a consideration to make you happy. The specialist in cosmetic restorative and Implant Dentistry is called a prosthodontist. You might want to look one up in your area. Best of luck,

Zev Kaufman, DDS
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