9 days ago i had eyelid and relaxation of eye muscle, one eye is much more smaller than the other after surgery. (photos)

had eye surgery 9 days ago, I had eyelid surgery and on one eye they had to relaxed a muscle because one eye was bigger than the other. Now I feel he over did it, my eye is too small now. Here's are the picture before and after. Do you think is because is swollen or its really going to be smaller than the other side

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Even though you are 10 days out, it is still much too early to tell what is going on here.

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I agree that it is concerning.  The eyelid definitely looks too heavy.  The real question is what sort of excursion is in the eyelid.  If this does not improve by 6 to 8 weeks, it is highly probable that you will need a revisional surgery.  Please consider reposting at that time frame.

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Bilateral Eyelid Surgery

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Thank you for sharing your concerns. I prefer to operate on the ptotic eyelid (droopy eyelid) prior to surgery on the higher eyelid. Often, the elevated eyelid relaxes following surgery on the lower eyelid. It is still much too early to judge the results. Wait a couple of months and keep follow up appointments with your doctor. Good luck,

It seems there is some ptosis over the RUL and some eyelid retraction over the LUL

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You need to wait a little longer for the edema to subsides. But it appears to be some issues, even considering swelling. you need to see your surgeon and discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  

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