8-Months After Treatment-Damage From Facial Fraxel Laser - Orange-Peel Texture-Any Doctor Or Patient Found Treatment? Permanent?

I had facial laser and have been back to the laser center several times to correct very inflamed skin - broken capillaries, aggravated red bumps. Been on steroid cream locoid for two months -helps only temporarily. Center says 'they have never seen this' before - seems there are others who have had the same bad result. Please let me know if there is anyone who has found a treatment for this.

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Fraxel laser and side effects

The Fraxel laser is a fabulous laser and it is my favorite laser.  Unfortunately there are too many clinics and laser centers that have people who are unqualified or inexperienced treating patients.  I am so sorry for your problem.  For the best results please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with lasers and Fraxel.

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Im very sorry to hear about your bad outcome. needless to say, but "laser Centers" are not the place to get laser treatments. once must always seek laser treatments from a professional doctor's office. especially heavy duty lasers like Fraxel. I am one of the inventors on Fraxel laser. I know this machine inside-out. I have it in my practice and I use it all the time. I know why it caused the problem that it did. I have to see you to be able to better help you. you can contact us via email if you like

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