6-7th treatment w vitrase for voluma: most still there. why is it so hard to remove?

voluma almost 3 mos ago 2 ml. horrible, bumpy , asymmetrical. tried to dissolve 6 times. improved but not significantly. gets alittle better for 1 wk then overfilled again and stays that way (the lumps never left,so i knew voluma is there). treatment ranged between 30- 70 un vitrase and 125- once 175 fir 2 ml. rubbery on chin (i can see and touch ). even called allergan to verify its voluma . how many units shall injector put to remove it on my cheek hollow and on each side of the chin now?

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Why is it so hard to remove

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Thank you for your excellent question. Because of the hyaluronic acid cross linking found in Voluma it may require several treatments to fully dissolve.  Looking at your profile you have had a number of bad experiences with both Juvederm and Voluma and I would recommend seeking a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon who can better offer idea recommendations at dissolution.  Typically I try to inject 15-20 units of Vitrase for each 0.1cc of Juvederm or Voluma used.  Hope this helps.

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Voluma and Dissolving with Vitrase

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Voluma can sometimes be difficult to dissolve depending on how much filler was placed and the location.  It should eventually dissolve on its own and is not permanent.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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