5 months post-op. Does it look like swelling or scar tissue that will go away? Will I end up with a bulbous uneven tip? (Photo)

My surgery lasted 3 hours and I was told it was a very difficult procedure. When my cast came off it looked slim and even but it expanded tremendously ever since.I still have a hump (he has offered to file it down later). My front view looks uneven and bulbous I still can feel stiffness and little soft bumps on my tip area. My doctor keeps telling me that I have thick nose skin and that I should wait at least a year to see my tip results.He won't give me a kenalog shot or even let me massage it.

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Bulbous tip after rhinoplasty

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I can't tell a lot from these photos (due to lighting) but Your nose is definitely better than preop. If you have thick skin, it can take time for the tip shape to improve. Give it some time and see what changes you get. If it's still bulbous then you can have a discussion with your surgeon to see if it can be improved. Good luck

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There is still swelling at 5 months and it can take a year or longer to settle.  I do not routinely use steroids to reduce the swelling because in most cases it is temporary and it also has the potential to cause skin discolorations, fat atrophy, and telangiectasias.

Asymmetries of the nasal tip with thick skin may be due to swelling only five months postoperative rhinoplasty surgery.

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Your photos appear to reveal thick skin and a somewhat swollen appearance. Your after profile looks markedly improved, and you may be surprised how stiffness and asymmetries from swelling may take a year or longer to resolve. Hope this is helpful, and wishing you well. Dr Joseph

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Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty

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There are several causes of bulbous tip formation. At 5 months post-op it may be a little early to evaluate. You could benefit from steroid injections. However, you would need an in person consultation to determine whether you are a candidate for injections.



Post op results

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I agree with your surgeon that it can take time for the swelling to completely resolve, often up to 6-12 months. Since you initially noted the contour to be favorable upon removal of the splints, it is likely you are now seeing the results of swelling.  This will likely resolve with time.  However, if you are still not satisfied after 1 year, you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

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