3 wks post op Breast reduction, Dr opened my incision due to redness.Putting antibacterial cream on, how will this close?(photo)

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Wound issue

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I am sorry you are having problems with your incisions, but this is a fairly common often minor issue that will commonly heal with local wound care. Best to maintain close contact with your surgeon.

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Healing of Open Wound

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Thank you for your pictures.  The wound will have to heal on its own typically from the bottom up.  This may take several weeks (6-8) to occur.

3 wks post op Breast reduction

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Sorry for the uncomfortable situation, it seems  like a suture dehiscence, and in most of the cases the antibiotic treatment will solve and prevent an infection. It is possible that at the final of the cicatrization remain an hypertrophic scar but it is something that your Doctor can fix without problems.
Good luck!

Fulvio Correa, MD
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