31 year old, 2 kids, wanting to get my stomach back! What would be best for me? (Photo)

I just had a baby 3months ago and feel SO ready to get my body back with some help. I want to know if I can get lipo with a bbl? I've heard scary stories about tummy tuck so I am trying to stay away from that BUT if that's the best way to go I do have a open mind too. Please help and let me know what would be best for me thank you.

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"Stomach back" tummy tuck vs. liposuction

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Congrats!  Timing after pregnancy for surgery is usually 3-6 months minimum; want time for weight loss and the skin to tighten.   Examination helps determine one's best options.  If there is just excess fat and good skin quality, liposuction alone or with BBL.  Lots of loose skin or muscle weakness/ separation is usually addressed with abdominoplasty/ tummy tuck.

What would be best for you?

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Far more important than the technique is the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon. Choose your surgeon rather than the technique and let them explain why one technique may be better than another. 
See the below link on some suggestions on finding the most qualified Plastic Surgeon for a BBL Always insist on a board certified plastic surgeon.

Tummy tuck

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A tummy tuck would be the best to give you a flatter more refined tummy. This can be done with a low scar and minimal down time.

Tummy recovery

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The photos are a bit dark so it is hard to say. It is too soon at three months to have anything done.  You should wait at least 6 months before considering surgery. If you are not planning to have more children and your skin is very loose then perhaps a tummy tuck might be reasonable.

Tummy tuck versus liposuction

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Congrats on the new addition to your family! In regards to your question really the best way to answer it would be to see a plastic surgeon in your area. They can evaluate you in person to determine if you are a candidate for liposuction/BBL/Tummy tuck. It's hard to see on the photos how much loose skin you have and how mobile it would be. If the skin is very loose then a formal tummy tuck might be a better operation for you. You are still only 3 months post delivery. Your body will continue to change over the next several months. Most surgeons will want you to be wait before considering any surgical procedure at this time. 


Surjit S. Rai, MD

Dallas Plastic Surgeon 

31 year old, 2 kids, wanting to get my stomach back! What would be best for me? (Photo)

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It is always recommended to have a liposuction with transfer to your buttocks first as this guarantees more fat to be transferred than when it is combined with another procedure . As a surgeon is only allowed to take only about 1000cc of fat in a combo procedure instead of 4000cc in a single procedure, 6 months after will be a perfect time to have a tummy tuck.

A "BBL" Brazilian butt lift harvest fat from areas ( Liposuction ) with the fat removed from the areas using your own fat it transfer to the buttocks and into the hips.The common donor sites for this procedure is your posterior waist/flanks, lateral thighs, back, waist, and anterior tummy. This is a safe and effective way to contour the lower body

When you're looking for a cosmetic procedure you find a surgeon that has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is highly experience in Brazilian Butt Lifts.  choose one wisely.  Many surgeons, including myself, offer online virtual consultations where you send us your photos and we can estimate the cost. and free Face to face consultation.

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