27 old year HealthCare Professional. What are my options to correct a paternal hereditary sloped and flat forehead? (Photo)

I am a 27 year old Male in the healthcare field. I'm originally from Jamaica and came to the States when I was 18. I was always bothered by my forehead but I never really paid much attention to fix it until now. My dad and uncle (his brother) have the same kind of forehead but i think mine is worse than theirs. As you can see it's asymmetrical an just outright weird looking and it also dosen't help that im in pre-balding stage (dad an uncle are bald as well). The cost is not a prob to me.

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Sloped and Flat Forehead

I agree that you have relatively short vertical height to your forehead but this is accentuated because of your very high hairline; I'm assuming that this is inherited and not secondary to progressive male pattern baldness. Digitally lower your hairline on a computer so you can see the tremendous improvement achieved by lowering your hairline which can be done with hair transplants, a Fleming/Mayer flap, or a direct hairline lowering procedure.

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You forehead angle is too retrusive. 

  I advice to seek the advice of a craniofacial plastic surgeon. Many options could be done to fix it. 

Good luck

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