Follow-up Question: 17 days later after my surgery. It still looks bad. (photos)

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17 days later...

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Clearly your eyelids are not even, but they are certainly better than before. With eyelid surgery, sometimes it can take 6 weeks before you start to see the final outcome. That being said, in my experience, when patients are as asymmetric as you are, you *may* need another revision. As a side note, the patients with Thyroid Eye Disease, who have such severe issues that they need strabismus surgery, are typically the ones who need multiple, repeated surgeries. So I don't think that your surgeon necessarily did a bad job, but it is the nature of Thyroid Eye Disease, unfortunately. Be patient. Good luck!

Ridgewood Oculoplastic Surgeon
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It is still too early to know how you will heal.

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I do think that it is appropriate to be very concerned.  It was clear in your before picture, that you had ptosis in both upper eyelids.  Generally in my opinion it is best to fix both eyelid at the same time.  Also your right upper eyelid crease is very high.  It makes me wonder about the design of the surgery.  On the other had, the right eye is opening, which is good.  What is your surgeon telling you about the result.  Even though you are very early from surgery, a second opinion is reasonable.  Ask your surgeon for a second opinion referral.  This will be to the surgeon's buddy but sometimes that input can be very helpful.  Alternatively, you could seek your own second opinion but those can sometimes be inflammatory and not helpful: "He did what to you?"  If you see a compeitor, the advice may be designed to help the second surgeon's practice rather than directed toward helping you.  Please keep us posted.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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