1 Year Post-op Eyes Still Cannot Close After Revision Asian Double Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Hello, I had Asian double eyelid surgery and mild ptosis correction 1 year ago and my eyes cannot close completely and have been very dry since. Is this a permanent condition? Do I need another surgery or could it be deep scarring that is holding my eyelids open? Thank you so much for any input.

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One year after double lid surgery and ptosis, and you can not close the eye completely. There could be many reasons and the proper diagnosis is critical to plan which and what type of surgery you need. the problem could be shortage of the skin, orbicularis muscle scarring and or removal of too much, or it could be that the lavatory muscle was pulled too high and is scarred.

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Eyes not closing after surgery...

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You may need a corrective skin graft to enable the eyes to close. Go back to your surgeon and ask him/her ASAP.





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