I Have Spaces/gaps on my Teeth After my Braces Were Removed. What Should I Do(ortho Seems Like He Took the Easy Way Out?

After my braces were removed, I noticed gaps. I'm no expert but I'll try my best to explain - gap(small black line)between Maxillary Central Incisors - gap(" ")btw Max.Central Incisor & Max.Lateral Incisor - triangular gap btw Max Lateral Incisor & Max Canine - 1mm btw both Max Canine & Max 1st Premolar - 1mm btw Man. 1st Molar & Man 2nd Molar(had IPR to have a band fit. Now I get a fowl stench & taste there EWW!) *I had 4 extractions but i feel like IPR would've been a better choice

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