Is this due to swelling or too much fat injected? Will the fat eventually decrease or calm down? (photo)

I am a 39 year old female who went through upper bleph 5 days ago. I also had fat graft injections to my upper eyelid for hollowness. While I like the upper bleph, I am concerned with the fat. It looks too fatty, like sausages, and seems to hang over my crease. I am considering getting it removed. How long does a fat graft last on the eyelid? Can I get some removed right after my surgery 5 days ago? Is this swelling or over-injection of fat?

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Swelling after surgery

Thank you for your question. It is way to soon to see the final result. Continue to ice and sleep elevated for a few more days. Even after the initial post op swelling goes down there is residual swelling for a few months. Be patient the final result will most likely be great. Keep your surgeon informed about your concerns.

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Swelling After Surgery

Jenny567, it is WAY to early to make any conclusions about your surgery.  ALL of it causes swelling that will last for weeks to months.  Your final result won't be evident for a few months.  You have swelling from both procedures.  As I tell all my patients, you may look worse before you look better and you have to have PATIENCE.  Looks like a good result so far. 

Realize you had surgery just 5 days ago...If you have ever sprained your ankle or got a bump on your head, remember how long it sometimes takes for something like that to go down.  

Dr. Rob

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Too Early

5 days is too early to evaluate your outcome from surgery.  Fat grafting and blepharoplasty involve a lot of swelling after surgery.  It is best to keep your head elevated when you sleep in order to reduce the swelling.  Some surgeons prefer that you use ice packs also, but check with your surgeon first.  Swelling around the eyelids can last a very long time compared to other parts of the body.  A certain amount of the grafted fat will dissolve over time as well. Hang tight and give it time.

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