Antibiotic Gel Into and Around the Implant?

I read a post online about someone who had developed a cheek implant infection years ago. His Dr. put him on regular treatment (oral antibiotics and I think IV), but the doctor also injected some type of antibiotic gel right into and around the implant. The infection cleared up. The Dr. retired and he doesn't remember the name of the gel. does any one know what the Dr. might have injected? I've never heard of this being done but it sounds effective.

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Antibiotic Injection for Cheek Implant Infection

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The injection undoubtably was a mixture of antibiotic powder and saline or local anesthetic solution. This creates a 'gel-like' consistency when mixed together which is injectable through a large bore needle. Antibiotic powders are manufacturing mainly for creating antibiotic IV solutions.

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