Im 13 Years Old & I Have All of my Grown Teeth Are Out. Can I Get Invisalgn?

i dont want to be seen with braces.. how can i let my dentist know that i want to use invisalign ?? braces stay for 2 years & my teeth arent that bad only bottom teeth are crowed & my 2 upper main teeth have alittle over bite. how can i get invisalign ?

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Invisalign Candidate

An orthodontist can assess your entire bite and make sure that your teeth are not only straight, but just as important that they fit properly together.  Straighter, better fitting teeth with improve the longevity and live of your teeth. 

Find an orthodontist and go in for a consultation.  They will be able to give you all the details on what you will need and how to get there - including if your treatment can be done with Invisalign.  

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Yes, but...

Invisalign can certainly be a choice for you. Even though your teeth may not be looking 'bad' to you, there are a lot of factors to consider (how your bite fits, crowding, spacing, etc...). A consultation is required in order to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.  In general, a referral to an orthodontist is not required. Have your parents inquire about a trained orthodontist near you. Dr. J

J. Chad Johnson, DDS
Charlotte Orthodontist
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