Need a New Crown over my 10 Years Old Front Teeth Implant?Is It Better Do It at Prosthodontics? How Much It Cost? (photo)

My front teeth had Bicon implant 4.0 x 11. ten years ago, but that teeth not matching my other teeth. My cosmetic dentist Suggest me find another dentist, due to she never has done Bicon brand (removable implant) before. How can I find a dentist can do it for me. NY Area.

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Crown over bicon implant

its not a complicated treatment, it takes 2 days to perform this,and you will have  temporary meanwhile,you enjoy a vacation here in sunny cancun,and get your tooth fixed

Need a New Crown over my 10 Years Old Front Teeth Implant

A crown can be redone, but to really make it look good, you need some gum recontouring too.

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Crown Over Bicon Implant

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