Why is my Scar So High? (photo)

I had a diastasis and umbilical hernia repaired as well as a tummy tuck. These pictures are 2 weeks after surgery. I was told my scar would be bikini line however it extends on both sides up my stomach. What possible scenarios could of went wrong for me to now have a smiley face scar!!??I'm so upset. Also my stretch marks are now bunched together and elevated when prior to surgery they were not this noticeable and flat!!! Any way to fix scars without future surgeries? Thank you!

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Questions about a high scar following an abdominoplasty

It would definitely help to see a pre-operative photo.  Your scar does seem to come up high on the outer hip.  It is possible that this was performed to remove excess skin and fat in this region.  I always take great care when planning an abdominoplasty scar. I draw out the planned incision on the patient and I have a discussion with the patient in the pre op room about the location of all incisions including the incision around the umbilicus.  It is possible that if your scar does not heal well then it could be revised in the future.  Expectations are so very important in cosmetic procedures.  

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High tummy tuck scars

It's too early to see your final scars, but with good scar therapy (Mederma and massage) your scars should improve over time.

Incisions can be placed in multiple areas when doing abdominoplasty.

Patients often have different requests for the scar position after abdominoplasty. This should have been worked out before the operation. Have a chat with your surgeon about why that particular incision was chosen.

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Speak to your surgeon

If he told you that the incision will be at bikini line then I would say your scar is not at the bikini line; it was not planned appropriately.  It is possible to lower the scar on the sides depending on how much skin you have left in that area; one would need to examine you.

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Why is my Scar So High?

I really do not understand the very unusual incision placement for your TT??? Best to address this with your surgeon. Was s/he a boarded PS? 

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Scar High

Thanks for your photos and questions. Without watching your before photos is hard to tell why you had this kind of surgery and your scar is so high, you have to go to your plastic surgeon and wait the right time to verify if you are happy with your final results, if you are not please after that time you can ask your surgeon for medical treatment or a revision surgery. Best wishes!

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