Excess skin after weight loss 19 years old. Can Tripollar Tightening RF help? (Photo)

3 years ago I lost 74 pounds I have excess skin and stretch marks I do sports on a daily basis I read because I am young the skin more easy to stretch but had 3 years and still I do not see an improvement in the skin I thought to use the product Tripollar Tightening RF based on my images that can help?

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Tripollar for tightening

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Congratulations on your dramatic weight loss and your commitment to continued improvement. TriPollar is one of many radiofrequency devices that can be quite effective in body sculpting and tissue tightening. But, like everything else, it has its limitations. I wouldn't hold too high of an expectation that the stretch marks will improve with tripollar - stretch marks are indeed a challenging problem.  One the one hand, tripollar is not expensive, and you may well find it is useful. On the other hand, you are having great success with the diet/exercise that has gotten you this far, and I would certainly stay that course regardless. Again, congrats!

TriPollar for your loose skin

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It's kind of hard to tell from your photos, but I think there's a very high liklihood that you will be disappointed in the result from Tripollar.  It's a fairly weak tightener of skin except under certain circumstances, and your pictures suggest that your skin (and remaining loose fat) will not respond enough.  
Continue on your workout regimen.  Congratulations for changing your body - it's never easy!  You're young, and if you keep it up, maybe even go a little harder, you will have a better result than you would get from Tripollar or any other RF machine.

Robert K. Sigal, MD
Reston Plastic Surgeon

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