Have to Return to Work 3 Weeks Post Op. Advice About How to Not Hurt Myself? (photo)

Hello I had a tt with minor lipo of flanks on 9/14. I will have to return to work on 10/4/12 and my job is really physical. I do alot of kneeling, lifting, pushing, pulling. I have no other alternative but to return to work I wil be 3 weeks postop. I know the number one answer will be to quit my job or ask for light duties. But none of these are possible. So any suggestions and techniques to help me not hurt myself and what possibly can happen to me if I do?

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Return to work after tummy tuck

I generally advise my tummy tuck patients to apply for medical leave so they will not be rushed in returning to work.  Since you indicate that you do not have the option of light duty, consider requesting additional leave time.  If this is not possible, I can't tell you that your activities will not compromise the result and will not cause you pain.  Common sense would dictate that you bend the knees while lifting and to use musculature other than the abdomen.  You may want to consult with a physical therapist for instructions on how to work with the least risk to your body in general.

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