Left breast hard a week after Breast Aug?

Hi again I forgot to state in my question that my surgery was done last week in fort laurderdale Florida now I'm back in ny looking forward to your response to ease my mind alittle ... Thank u again

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Firm breast one week after augmentation is not a capsule

Thank you for your question. One week after breast augmentation is far too early to worry about capsular contraction. It is quite normal for breasts to feel for the first week or 2 after breast augmentation and with time they will soften, drop and look more natural.

Post op results

Do not worry - you are so soon post op and it is far too soon to make any decisions. Pls be patient.

Follow up with breast augmentation

Breast implants are often quite firm and unnatural in appearance 1 week after surgery. It often takes 3 months for the implants to soften and settle into their final position on the chest wall.

Traveling to have surgery often causes problems in follow up. Ideally, you should be in direct communication with your surgeon about these type of follow up questions. There is often quite a bit that needs to be seen and discussed after surgery that becomes difficult when having surgery at distant locations. The issue becomes even more problematic if you were to have any complications with your surgery.

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Hard breast after augmentation

Whether or not this is something to be concerned about is impossible to answer. It maybe completely normal, or it may be a hematoma, implant malposition, or something else that needs intervention. You need to be seen by your surgeon. I understand that your surgeon is in a different state, but this is always a risk when having surgeon out-of-state. Speak to your surgeon and perhaps he/she can advise you without asking you to get on a plane back to Florida.

Matthew Schulman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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