Left breast feels hard?

hi i had my left silicone breast implant removed and replaced because i had a tear in the first one i had some scar tissue removed and the implant was placed in the subpectoral position.... my surgery was nov 6 2013 just last week within a week my left breast got hard i have no bruising alittle pain sometimes and sometimes i get sharp electric sharp pains ....im really worried that it could be a hemotoma can you please give me some answers on what it could be i would appreciate it thank you

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Sonogram Helpful to Rule Out Hematoma

Sounds like everything you're experiencing is completely normal one week after surgery. If the swelling and firmness does not continue to improve during the next week or two your Plastic Surgeon may recommend a sonogram to make sure that you don't have a hematoma…in the meantime be patient...

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