Labiaplasty: why am I having dissolvable stitches?

I am having a labiaplasty on Saturday due to extreme discomfort and unhappy with appearance. My surgeon said she would use dissolvable stitches which will be very very close together. I am having the trimming method performed but just wondering what texture/appreance this would give me. Why dissolvable and why so close together? I would really appreciate a detailed, direct response. Thank you

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Trim procedure

I personally do not like the appearance of the trim procedure. I prefer a modified posterior wedge procedure such as what I developed. Check the link below for further information. Good Luck.

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Most surgeons use dissolvable sutures for labiaplasty

Using permanent sutures requires suture removal. This is very uncomfortable after a labiaplasty and doesn't give results that are any different. The texture and appearance with trim is determined by suturing technique and dissection method. These vary greatly from surgeon to surgeon so look at their before and after portfolio to get an accurate estimate.

Ask your surgeon

Those are great questions but are relatively specific to the way your surgeon does the procedure. I suspect he/she is using dissolvable sutures to avoid the need to remove them which might be uncomfortable but, those type of questions should be addressed to your surgeon directly. Good luck

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Dissolvable suture

Wishing you a quick and easy recovery.

Most of us use dissolvable sutures which dissolve without us having to remove then and causing you further discomfort. 

Dissolvable sutures are common practice and work extremely well in this area.

Placing sutures close together is common practice as it allows for a quicker healing and gives us some assurance in the event that a  suture breaks.

Thanks for your question.

Labial tissue has a very rich blood supply for which dissolvable sutures work well. It is also very unpleasant to have to have sutures removed from this sensitive area after surgery. 

In my own technique we use a dissolvable continuous stitch which helps reduce post-operative swelling and bruising, followed by a layer of skin adhesive to seal the incisions. 

All surgeons have specific techniques which they prefer based on their experience. If you have confidence in your surgeon, trust her recommendations. If you have questions, you should feel uninhibited to ask them.

Best of luck to you.

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Labiaplasty and dissolvable stitches


It is common practice to use dissolvable stitches when performing labiaplasty, since they absorb nicely in the mucosal tissues without the need for removal.  Surgeons use different techniques to stitch the area depending on their experience and style.

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Labiaplasty: why am I having dissolvable stitches?

Thank you for sharing your question and best wishes on your upcoming labiaplasty.  Most labiaplasty surgeons use absorbable sutures to avoid the unnecessary repeat trauma to the tissues that having to remove permanent sutures would entail.  Sutures placed close together allow for a better "seal" of the tissues and faster recovery with some safety margin should any sutures break.  Hope this helps.

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See your surgeon


Many of us use dissolvable sutures. For other issues regarding your chosen surgeon's technique you best ask him or her. We all do them a bit differently. :)

Best Regards,

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Labiaplasty sutures

Hello. I agree with your doctor's choice. First, the use of dissolvable suture allows suture to come out on it's own without you having to go through a painful suture removal in a delicate area. The length of time for a suture to dissolve depends on the type and thickness of suture removed. Your doctor will choose a suture that should last between 1-2 weeks with no difference in appearance than if a permanent suture that was removed in the same amount of time was placed. Because this is a dissolvable suture, every suture may not dissolve at the exact same time, so if one suture dissolves sooner than others, placing multiple sutures close to one another help to keep the incision perfectly closed. Best of luck with your procedure.

Renee Burke, MD
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