Juvederm for Nasal Labial Folds in New York?

I've just moved back to NY from the UK. I had my nasal labial folds filled there. The effect was amazing. I'm starting to see that hint of a line slowly begin to appear (it's worse on the left). It's been 2 years since the initial fill but I know I'm going to eventually need it. I paid $375 for a syringe and I'm panicking at the costs I'm seeing for NY. What costs can I expect? What are some good PS's in the area? Any of the 5 boroughs + Long Island will do. Thanks!

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How to find a Juvederm injector

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I would suggest a few things: 1. Look in RealSelf under the bios and find who is listed there. We are physicians dedicated to cosmetic procedures, and you can read about us on this site. 2. Compare that list with the Allergan list of Juvederm physicians on their website. 3. Make a consultation, or a few consultations, and see who you like. And finally 4. Ask around - people will tell you where (or where not...) to go.

Doctors in NY for injectables?

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There are many fine Doctors in NY for this treatment. You could start with the Allergan/ Juvederm website to locate providers in your area. They are usually ranked by the size of the account which is an indicator of experience and the volume of activity.

Good Luck !

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm and Cost

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    The cost of Juvederm usually runs from about $400 to about $700, although the volumes and cost can vary based upon the Juvederm product chosen.

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