Post Tummy Tuck my drains were removed while I was still draining 1000cc of fluid. Should I have them reinserted?

I had an Abdominoplasty 11 days ago my drain was removed day four while I was still draining 1000cc fluid. The fluid has no odor it is serosanguineous In color also had Brazilian butt lift and breast reduction and lift. do I need to have a drain reinserted to Drain properly?

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Extremely High Drainage

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1000 cc a day of drainage is extremely high from your drains  and they should have not been removed.  I typically wait to the drainage is consistently below 25 cc day before removing it.  You should revisit this issue with you PS immediately concerning ongoing management of your drainage.

Dr. ES

Drains putting out 1000 cc's a day

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would unlikely be removed by any well trained surgeon... and the search would go on as to why it was that high as its beyond exceptional.

1000 cc

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if that is truly the amount of drainage your abdomen will be blowing up like a balloon.  my guess is there is a typing error

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Still draining 1000cc of fluid

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If you are draining that much, check with your PS. This amount  does not make sense and should be addressed. If that amount is accurate, you should have drains placed !

Abdominoplasty seroma

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If you are draining 10 cc per day, you are likely OK. However if it was 100 cc per day, then you are very likely to form a seroma, or a fluid collection under the skin. Make sure your plastic surgeon sees you in follow up so this can be addressed. Depending on the scenario, either replacement of a drain, or serial aspirations (twice per week) until the fluid output drops off to a safe level (usually < 30 ml per day per drain).


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1000cc is an unusual amount to drain.  Did you mean 10 cc or 100cc?  I would recommend that you have close followup with your PS to determine the best course of action.

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