I Am at 11 Months Post Primary Op, Surgeon Wants to Continue Kenalog Injections for Another Year?

I have had around 5-6 Injections now at 8 weeks apart since 4 weeks post op. My surgeon said He wants to continue the treatment for another year and if the tip does not go down he will surgically revise it. Is this too long to have kenalog injections? I would rather have a revision at 18 months post op but he wants to wait until I am 2 years post op I feel like I am not going to get much more change with these injections, I have had 6 & there are still no changes. Is my surgeon in denial?

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Kenelog injection for Tip Swelling

You should see some improvement to your tip swelling after one session of Kenelog 40 0.1cc. It takes about one month to see the results. Sometimes a patient may need 2 or 3 sessions of Kenelog but no more than that. If swelling persists after 6 months then consider a rhinoplasty revision. If you like you can send me a pic for a better recommendation.

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Kenalog to help with swelling following rhinoplasty

After one year, the final result of your surgery is typically evident. Having kenalog for another year is not the best idea, as the potential side effects outweigh any associated benefits, which are not necessarily guaranteed given the timeframe. Complications from kenalog are rare, but may include:


1) White spots on the nose (hypopigmentation)
2) Indentation

Given the fact that your surgery was primary, you would not need two years before a revision can be performed successfully, if this is what you wish. Your surgeon is not necessarily in "denial." He/she knows what your nose looked like immediately following surgery, and may feel that your final result is still pending. It is difficult to advise on this without seeing you in person and looking at any intra-operative photos that were taken. If you did not see much of a change with the kenalog within the first year, you will see even less of a change during the time following. From here, I would recommend communicating your concerns further. If you are still not satisfied with what he or she has to say, a second opinion from a specialist would not hurt. Thank you and I hope this helps answer your questions.

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Kenalog injections after rhinoplasty.

After that many injections and no change I see nno point in continuing them. You can wait 7 more months and if not improved possible revision is needed. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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