what can be done to fix my nose and how? (photos)

hi i have had 2 rhinoplasty surgery in india and 2 in sydney ,Australia. I feel that my nose looks big and ugly for my face. My last surgery was in january 2014. Should i complain to my doctor because i have paid him around $20,000 for the 2 surgeries? Issues are marked in with a arrow point towards it) Issues i am worried about are: my nostrils shape of my left side and right side look different. columella look like it is pushing the tip up. nose width is really wide unequal bridge line tip looks weird

what changes can be done to fix my nose. your answers can help me discuss the issues with my ent specialist. i prefer my Aussie doctor because he has done a lot of work

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Remember every revision surgery on the nose gets more and more complicated. You need to be conservative and extremely careful in your approach. You might have to accept some of the issues. The nostril area is especially hard to change. You can however address the bulge in the left middle and upper nose with your doctor. That can be usually corrected with an osteotomy. Also, there are no photos from before surgery and that makes it difficult to assess the improvement. It is the degree of improvement that I look for in deciding if we need to do any more. 
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Unhappy about appearance after 4 rhinoplasty procedures

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I understand your concerns and can see some of the issues you have. If you have confidence in your surgeon than continue to have honest discussion. My only concern would be if this surgeon can achieve the goals if he/she has failed already twice. Every time you go back is harder.  

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