I had laser resurfacing about 17 months ago and was left with dents and scars. I really need help with my skin.

Hello, I had laser resurfacing about 17 months ago and was left with dents and scars that look like thin lines going in a z shape.I have been to numerous derms and they have no answers or a way to help me. If you think you are able to help me or have dealt with something like this I will schedule an apt with you. Thank You.

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Marks after resurfacing

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good morning!

Sorry to hear of your ordeal.  Laser resurfacing is a procedure that many less experienced physicians take for granted without understanding the problems they can generate without adequate care and expertise.  Without an exam and/or photos it is difficult to make any recommendations.  I would go see an experienced provider in your area that does a lot of laser resurfacing- ask to see before and after photos of their actual patients to see how expedienced they really are.

I hope this helps

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Complications after laser re surfacing

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Clinical pictures before and after the procedure will be very helpful. Also medical record from the procedure is mast.
Throw clinical exam will also be needed before we ca know how to help you.
David Evdokimow MD

David Evdokimow, MD
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