Should I be concerned? Breast reduction over 1yr ago. Pus oozing from nipple. (photo)

So 1yr ago I had a reduction from 36k to now a 36DD. One breast became extremely infected(right breast), went to ER took meds(ok now). So the left breast areolas skin feel completely off, semi healed looks a bit patch in skin complexion. But besides that I was a smoker developed hardening(doc said scar tissue). Fast forward to now(1yr later) cottage cheese like fluid, along w/oozing(white/yellowish:greenish fluid from nipple, Gets very swollen until I pinch it out. What could this be?

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Breast reduction

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This is unusual at this time and I recommend seeing your PS. This may well be fat necrosis although you may need an USS just to check that there isn't any underlying issues.

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Pus one year after reduction

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I agree with Dr Pousti re fat necrosis. You could also have a suture reaction if this has been an ongoing problem.  However, the best place for diagnosis and treatment is in your plastic surgeon's office and you should be seen by him or her for appropriate treatment.

Breast reduction over 1yr ago. Pus oozing from nipple.

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I am sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing. Your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to accurate assessment and advice. Having said that, based on your description and photograph, I think that is very likely that you are dealing with fat  necrosis that is gradually liquefying and making its way out. Best wishes.

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