What Can I Do to Close my Gapped Teeth?

I hate my gapped teeth, it keeps me from socializing with others, and having a social life. I live in ny, I need help that is not too costly, or charity work. I dont see the option to add pictures. Once i find out Ill post my teeth.

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Do your homework first!

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Gaps between teeth can be created by many different factors.  The best solution is to begin with understanding why the gaps are there in the first place.  Be careful to not choose the "simplest" or "fastest" solution....you should want the "best' solution. Search out several opinions and be patient.  Many specialists will offer a free initial exam where you can gain a lot of insight.  I always suspect some sort of "thrust" against the front teeth when there are "gaps".  Correcting or reversing a harmful habit may be the most important thing that you can do.  Visit with several orthodontists.  Good Luck!

Sacramento Orthodontist

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