Unhappy with smaller eyes after surgery - any resolution?

After my upper and lower eyelid surgery 5 years ago, I thought my appearance had improved but in the last 3 years my eyes look considerably smaller in photographs and have a round appearance. I had specifically asked the surgeon to retain my more almond shape (I am Caucasian) and restore the open look that they once had. Is it possible that the surgeon "sewed" the sides in a way that made them smaller, and was there a way to avoid that? Anything I can do now?

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How about some photographs?

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There are so many ways that eyelids can change after surgery and look smaller.  So rather than play the guessing game, I recommend that you consider posting photographs to the Realself community of surgeons can be more concrete in our responses.  The good news is that there is very effective surgery to correct these types of issues.

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