Can uneven hips be fixed using local anesthesia? (photos)

I went for a revision on 10/15 to add the hips I didn't get the first time . Instead I have a hip that is high on the left side and low on the right. I know perfect asymmetry is difficult and rare but my hips are uneven. My doc says No.Are there fillers that can just even me out? Can I just remove the fat on the bigger side or is surgery necessary? Can I even go for 3 surgeries? That's the last thing I want to do but I feel like a moron with different type of hips . Options...please. Help!

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We all have some asymmetry to our bodies especially when it comes to the underlying framework.  One hip is always higher than the other.  If you feel that there is more fat on one side than the other, then perhaps pointing that out and doing it under local may be reasonable.

Uneven hips

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Hello thank you for your question and photos. I'm sorry you still don't have the outcomes you're looking for.  I'm afraid to tell you the best choice is a third revision.  Fillers are expensive a only would last a few months.   And I would not  recommend to do this under local anesthesia.  Have a great day. 

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