Best way to fix smile? (photos)

I'd like to close the gaps in between my teeth as well as correct the yellow dot on my front tooth and even out my two front teeth and have the best smile I can without my smile looking fake. What do you suggest?

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Best way to fix my gaps in my smile

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If your teeth are healthy with only small spaces, then the best way is to use Invisalign to close the spaces.

Any minor spots on the teeth can be left alone or covered with a small white filling.

Veneers would be doubly expensive and may look unnatural and may come off.


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Very simple to add veneers to your upper lateral teeth to give them better size and shape.  This will close the spacing you notice.  Regarding the front teeth alignment and the yellow dot, you can also have veneers placed on these teeth to correct.

Joel Klasfeld, DDS
New York Dentist

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