My face is puffy. How to fix it? (photos)

My face is very puffy around the mouth and inbetween the cheekbones and jawbones. I have tried to lose weight and i lost 8 pounds but my face did not change. Is it fat or muscle?

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Bucccal fat removal for central facial fullness?

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Thank you for asking about your buccal fat removal.
  • Yes, you could have buccal fat removal but -
  • Your photos show that your brow and mid-face are strong but your cheeks and chin look a little flatter.
  • This may be causing the fat of the mid-face (buccal fat) to look too prominent.
  • Have a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss whether cheek and chin implants will serve you better than buccal fat removal.
  • The implants will be more expensive though - and buccal fat removal can be done with local anesthesia in the office - but you want to be aware of all your options before making a decision.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

My face is puffy. How to fix it? = buccal fat removal may be an option #3chubbycheeks #buccalfat #chiseled face

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Achieving a chiseled, less chubby, face requires to address multiple factors in the face and the body composition to achieve that goal.  Some of the factors that may need to be addressed to achieve a slimmer / chiseled face generally include lower anterior cheek fullness (around the mouth and inbetween the cheekbones and jawbones).  This  physical finding could be addressed surgically with buccal fat removal in patient candidates.Patients interested in determine if candidates for buccal fat removal to achieve a chiseled face should make a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon specialized in procedures of the face. 

John Mesa, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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