Breast lift without implants after or before weight loss?

I am 25 years old, I am 5'5 and weigh about 189 lbs. I am in the process of working out and losing weight, my goal weight it 130 lbs, maybe 120. I have naturally large breasts at the moment I like the size (in volume) (currently 42 D) but if they were to go down to a large B cup i'd still be happy with that size, and am unhappy with the sagginess and size of my areola. I want a breast lift WITHOUT implants after I lose all my weight. Should I get a breast lift AFTER i lose all the weight? Thank You!

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I appreciate your question.

I perform a liposuction breast lift that removes tissue from the areas you don't want such as near the armpit and the lower portion hanging near your stomach. Once I use this to shape the breast I then remove the skin to tighten the breast and create a better shape with nice cleavage. Since I perform this less invasively the recovery time is faster. The size would depend on the proportion with your body versus going for a cup size.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.  Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery.


Best of luck!


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Breast lift without implants after or before weight loss?

The breasts contain breast tissue and fat.  The fatty component grows and shrinks with weigh gain and loss.  If you lose weight or fat, the breasts will deflate to some extent.  Therefore, it would be better to finish the weight loss and then have the breast lift.

Breast Lift

Thank you for the question.  I would wait till after the weight loss.  A breast lift not only lifts the breasts but it tightens the skin.  As you loose weight you will loose breast tissue, which will make the breast skin become loose again and you maybe unhappy with how your breasts will look after the weight loss.   Schedule a consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your concerns.  Good Luck.  

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Breast Lift Likely Better After Weight Loss

A mastopexy or breast lift operation is designed to improve the shape and position of the breast without reducing their size. It is used for breasts which sag or droop (ptosis). Sagging of the breasts may occur with normal development for some women, or as part of the aging process. Pregnancy, breast-feeding and weight loss are other conditions which increase breast ptosis. Some patients will have a better shape to their breast such as increased superior fullness if an implant is used at the time of mastopexy. The procedure can also be combined with a minor breast reduction to reduce the breast width if desired. The surgery will create an elevated, more youthful breast contour. Also, the procedure will create nipple and areolae of the desired size and at the correct height.

I prefer to use a #shortscar technique, #LollipopScar or #DonutLift” rather than the majority of surgeons in the United States that use an anchor pattern lift which involve more significant scarring.

At post-op healing there is always the chance that breast skin can stretch or sag again, and this could be more apparent if weight loss doesn't occur until after surgery. So, for this and basically all cosmetic surgery procedures it is best to be as close as possible to your goal weight before the procedure.

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Should you get a breast lift before or after losing all there weight?

Far more important than the technique is the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon. Choose your surgeon rather than the technique and let them explain why one technique may be better than another. 
See the below link on some suggestions on finding the most qualified Plastic Surgeon for a  Breast Augmentation

Breast lift following weight loss

Hi, I would recommend attaining your target weight prior to undergoing a breast lift.  At that time, both you and your surgeon will have a better idea of what will be required to achieve your goals.  You can always have a breast lift without an implant, and many patients do this, but it may limit the amount of fullness you regain in the upper part of your breast.  In some cases, fat grafting can be done at the same time to add volume to this area if patients do not wish to have an implant placed.  Best wishes.

Breast lift without implants after or before weight loss?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. I recommend you to have the procedure after you lose weight, because as much weight as you lose, you can also have them saggy.. So it will be better for you to lose weight first.

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
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Timing of breast lift surgery with ongoing weight loss

Hello, I would suggest reaching your goal weight before considering surgery because your breast size and shape could continue to change.  Once your weight is stable your surgeon will be able to plan your procedure accordingly.

When to have breast lift when I am losing weight.

Thank you for asking about your breast lift.

Congratulations on your weight-loss program. You are exactly right - wait to have your breast lift after you lose the weight. Otherwise you may need a second breast lift to tighten the first one!

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Breast lift after weight loss

Thank you for your question. If you´re in the process of losing weight then it is better to wait until you have reached your goal weight. Breast lift surgery raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.  You definitely have to choose your surgeon correctly and make sure that he/she has the training and experience to meet your goals with absolute safety.  Don’t settle for less than a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with specialized expertise in this procedure.

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