From Ptosis to Blepharoplasty Surgery? (photo)

i have one left ptosis due to trauma from young age. i will have a sling operation redone soon since my left eye stays up while my right eye blinks. I want to make my eyes look bigger, and was wondering which type of doctor is best to do blephoraplasty since i will have the sling on. is there another surgery besides blephoraplasty to make eyes bigger? can i still do it even if i have a sling to hold open my left eye? i want to achieve even and bigger eyes with natural blinks.

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The asian crease with a sling procedure

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Morning QT,


the answer is essentially yes you can try and improve the appearance of your crease but it depends so much on your physical exam and your surgical history it's very difficult for me to say online like this how well work for you. I can definitely see which are talking about the photographs and decrease could be made deeper and higher. However, the question remains how safe is it and would you be able to close your eyes effectively afterwards.  I seem to recall seeing your question photos in the past so it looks like your search continues.I wish I knew someone in the New York area that is both good with reconstructive procedures and Asian eyelids at the same time but I don't know anyone who has both of those skill sets in that area.


sorry I couldn't be more helpful


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