One breast too soft (left) & one too firm (right)? (photo)

Is something wrong that one breast is really (almost too) soft & dropped & fluffed nicely, & the other one is still firm & hasn't dropped as much? I'll be 3 weeks post-op on 11/13, after a tuberous breast correction with 400cc smooth submuscular implants with areolar incisions + bilateral lift. I've been massaging a few times a day for the passed week. My surgeon doesn't seem concerned & said to do gentle massage on the right.

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Breast implant too soft or too stiff

Don't worry. Three weeks after this type of surgery is in no way long enough to have resolved even the swelling of the surgery. Keep doing what surgeon is preaching and give another month until you have any concerns.

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Firm Breast At 3 Weeks After Breast Augmentation Not A Concern

Thank you for your question. It is far too early to worry about one side being firmer 3 weeks after breast augmentation and lift.

Your result looks excellent and symmetrical. One side may feel firmer because the pocket is smaller or because there is more swelling on one side.

Often there is asymmetry in gland size pre op which also influences the result.

In time as you heal over the next 6-8 weeks the firm side should soften.

Be sure to express your concern to your surgeon.

Breast Implants

Everything looks great, correcting a tuberous deformity is difficult and often takes longer to settle than most breast surgery. You just need some time

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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Post op appearance

It is really too soon post-op to assess a final outcome. As hard as it is, please be patient and let the swelling resolve and the implants drop. Best of luck.

3 weeks post-op BA

Hello and thank you for your question.

You are only 3 weeks post-op and still in the early stages of healing. The best thing to do right now is just be patient and follow up closely with your plastic surgeon. It sounds like you've addressed your concern with him,which is good, and he has given you guidance.

Best of luck to you.

David L. Cangello, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation

Each breast will respond differently to implants. Give it time it can take a few months for them to relax into the pocket.

Steven Wallach, MD
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One soft, one firm

Based on your pictures, you appear to have good symmetry. The softness should come with time. I don't generally judge my final results for three months at least. You are still early in the process. I would just keep doing what your plastic surgeon recommends and you should be fine.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
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Breast aug

I would agree with your surgeon. At 3 weeks your breasts are still healing and settling, you still have some swelling that needs to resolve. Continue the breast massage to the right breast and wait at least a month or so before getting too concerned.

N. Bill Aydin, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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