Are Antibiotics or Heparine Important After a BBL? Do I Need to Take Them?

I am puzzled as to buy antibiotics for after my bbl.. I thought antibiotics was to cure infections not to prevent them. I dont want my body fighting infections which i don't have and godforbig I do get one my body will become immune to antibiotic and make it harder for it to get rid of. & As to Heparine my doctor wants to prescribe that after my BBL and I am not sure if i should take that.

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Antibiotics:YES Heparin:NO

I believe it is good practice and the standard of care to prescribe antibiotics after surgery. The antibiotics are usually for a short duration. It is unlikely doing that time that you will become "immune" to them. Concerning heparin, I personally do not prescribe heparin for this procedure. The patient is very capable of walking immediately after surgery which will be the most effective way to prevent blood clots.

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Antibiotics and Heparin after BBL

I perform about 8 BBLs per week and all my patients are given heparin immediately before surgery and some are given heparin after surgery depending on their specific risk factors. Also, all patients are given antibiotics immediately before surgery and for a period of time after surgery. This will prevent infection from developing.  This protocols eems to work well for me as I have never had any patient after a BBL develop a blood clot or have an infection. 

Matthew Schulman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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