3 weeks post op and breast still hard?

My dr said I should start massaging today and take vitamin e and my breast should start to get soft question is how many milligrams should I take and because their was alittle fluid in my breast by doing this would my breast get soft and drop I'm 3 weeks post op I'm just really annoyed any answers would be appreciated

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Vitamin E is to help with capsular contracture. At 3 weeks, you're a bit early to have a CC although I guess it's possible. Massaging is unlikely to soften your breasts. I think you should insist on seeing your PS again and discussing your concerns with them. If you don't like the answers you receive, get a second opinion in person from a board certified PS in your area.


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A little confused by the question but massage was never invented to make the breast soft the idea is to prevent capsular contracture but not speed up "softening". The action of massaging may help you feel better which is ok

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