Stuffy/blocked nose 10 days after septoplasty and turbinade reduction done on 8/3?

Nose is very stuffy. Started to open up after 7 or 8 days but still had to breathe through mouth. 8/13 can't breathe at all through my nose and if I get air in I can't get it out. Told not blow my nose for 1 week. At 1 wk point I have been blowing it gently to expel mucous, goo. Could I have caused damage by blowing my nose? I saw the surgeon on 8/9. He said everything looked good but swollen. I do not go back until 8/30. I am concerned about not being able to breathe at all through my nose.

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Rebound nasal congestion

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It is common to have some congestion after nasal splints are removed during the second week of recovery.  It is also uncommon that far out to have a complication such as a septal abscess or hematoma.  I would recommend you perform the normal nasal cares recommended by your surgeon (such as nasal steroid sprays and sinus rinses).  If you experience pain, fever, redness, purulent drainage, this may be a sign of infection and you should return to your surgeon ASAP.

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