White outline on tattoo - can I still get the whole tattoo removed?

Hi. Going to get my tattoo removed with Picoway. It's black but the artist just lightly outlined the tattoo with white and little dots of white. Can I still get the black part removed? Thanks

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A Cautious Approach

Certainly when there is a white component to the tattoo then caution should be used. This is because the white part of the tattoo can turn black. But, one can treat on the second time and treat the black component and it can be effective. A small test spot once should be attempted. If it turns black, then a second test spot to that area would be warranted. Some offices charge for test spots so the downside is it might cost more and take more time to remove, but a safe approach is always the best approach.

San Antonio Dermatologist

Tattoo removal white and black

I would recommend a test patch on your first visit to see how the white ink responds to the laser.  The Picoway is amazing at removing tattoos. That being said the darker the ink the easier it is to remove the discolorations.  The white ink can turn darker with laser therapy so a test should be performed to see how the ink responds to the laser.  If the ink turns dark then it will respond better on future sessions to the laser therapy.  Hope this helps.

Susan Fox, DO
Hollywood Phlebologist
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PicoWay Removes All Tattoo Colors

The PicoWay fractionated laser is a safe way to use high-power energy to break up and remove tattoo inks of various colors. Black is the easiest to remove. You don't mention if you want the white dots removed also, but if so PicoWay can handle those, too. Please talk to a board-certified dermatologist with many years' experience with successful tattoo removal; you will probably require at least five sessions.

Kory Kitagawa, MD
Honolulu Dermatologist
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Tattoo Removal and Pico Laser

Yes black can be removed with the pico laser and is very successful with it.  Please see a well trained laser dermatologist.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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