Is it ok to shower 24 hours after a Tummy Tuck with no dressing and with drains?

My tummy tuck was yesterday morning. My doctor told me after 24 hours I could take off the dressings and shower, then just leave the dressings off. I'm worried about my drains though? Is it ok to have water running over that incision? Couldn't that allow bacteria in?

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Showering after TT

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Great question.  I would recommend asking your plastic surgeon for detailed instructions.  I routinely have my patients shower the next day with drains in place.  Best of Luck.

Showering and Drains

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The idea that showering will allow for bacteria to enter around the drains can be turned around to say that if you do not cleanse the area regularly with a shower, then bacteria can build up and cause an infection.
Listen to your doctor.

Good luck!

Shower with drains

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I allow my patients to shower with antibacterial soap the day after surgery.  I do request that they clean around the drain with peroxide and Neosporin ointment after the shower. You might want to call your surgeon's nurse and see what your surgeon prefers.

Taking a shower after in abdominoplasty is at the discretion of your surgeon.

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In my practice I permit patients to remove the dressing and take a shower in today's. I don't use drains but your question should be addressed to your own surgeon.

Is it ok to shower 24 hours after a Tummy Tuck with no dressing and with drains?

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I let my patients shower, the first day after surgery. I ask them to keep the wound clean and dry.
However, it is best to consult with your surgeon. Surgeons vary in terms of their aftercare protocols following tummy tuck surgery.

Shower one day after abdominoplasty or breast surgery with drains?

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I routinely instruct my patients to shower with drains in place, and have done so for 25 years without any problems to my knowledge. The skin has bacteria on it always, and is much dirtier than tap water.  The real concern in terms of infection, is failure to clean the site where the drains come out of the skin.  Any dried blood or crusts at the drain site is source of material to allow bacterial growth. Showers should actually be beneficial in keeping the skin clean, so I strongly encourage showers soon after surgery in both abdominoplasty and breast surgery

Showering with drains after a tummy tuck

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Every surgeon does things differently. It is always a good idea to rely on your surgeon's advice.

But it is also a good idea to follow one's own instincts if they are more cautious than your surgeon's.
I would check with your surgeon to be sure before you shower - and find out when s/he expects to remove the drains. 

In my practice, I do not let patients bathe or shower with drains - research shows that bacteria can move along drains. However I generally  remove my drains in 1-4 days. Best wishes.

Shower after tummy tuck

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As long as your incision is covered with tissue glue and you back into the shower and only splash water on your front it is ok to shower.  The drains have to be placed in the soap dish which is a little awkward and you would want to have someone in the bathroom with you in case you have problems.  Be sure not to bath - only shower.  Baring that you should be fine.  

Showering after an abdominoplasty

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There are no standard answers of when to bath or shower after an abdominoplasty.  I generally allow my patients to shower with a drain in place the day after surgery.  You should get approval from your plastic surgeon first.  

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