I need an advice from a dentist. How can the color of 11 and 12 be improved? (Photo)

I am 32, female, i hatte my teeth, i need desperately advices 1. How can the color of 11 and 12 be improved? 2. What alternatives do i have to correct the lower teeth? Thanks a lot.

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Combination treatment for complex cases

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Without xrays, it is hard to say what can be done for the color of those 2 teeth.  It is possible the nerves have died and the teeth need root canal therapy, or the nerves have shrank (calcific metamorphosis) and bleaching won't help much at all, so porcelain veneers would be needed.

Braces would be the best first step.  This would align ALL teeth.  Then you can decide what to do about the color.

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